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Creating Social Impactsby Generating Jobs forWomen as Beauty Salon

Our Mission

  • We improve our services to customers and provide high quality services.
  • We provide our value for the community.
  • We create society where all hair stylists can be happy.

Our Vision

We aim to be Beauty Salon to contribute to the society best in the world by generating life-long jobs for women.

Life-Long Works for all people

We are now living the era of 100years old life.
Therefore, Rapport Hair Group creates life-long works for diverse people, especially women who are expected to have lots of life-changing events as child delivery, nursing care and so on.

Services for Super Aging Society

In Japan, we are facing super aging society.
Rapport Hair Group creates and provides services which required as super aging society.

About Rapport Hair

Established July 2011
Headquarter Ishinomaki, Sendai
Founder and CEO Wataru Hayase

Rapport Hair Group id founded by Wataru Hayase after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Wataru aims to create the jobs for women especially who have kids at the disaster affected area.
Starting the business at the disaster affected area in 2011, Rapport Hair Group are creating the new business model which are sustainable for the people and society.

We continue creating the place that you can work and being related with, according to your life stage.

Rapport Hair is the Beauty Salon that contribute to regional society by generating jobs, and makes customers/staffs/region happy. To continue creating the place that every beautician can work lively at any age, we made free kids' room at our salon and introduce the shift system for our staffs who is parenting, has another work, is due to care of family member.


    Our salon has free kids' room with Childcare Worker


    Easy to balance with work and family by the shift system


    support your return with training, low price system, etc.

Representative Director's Profile

Wataru Hayase

Wataru has founded “atelier haruka” when he was 24 years old. He extended his business up to 10million yen (40 salons and 200 employees). Im 2008 he sold his company “atelier haruka”, he joined Mod’s Hair Japan. In 2009, he became the Marketing director so that he managed more than 100 franchise beauty salons in Asia. In 2011, he established Rapport Hair Group because of the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Our Supporters

  • Mitsubishi Reconstruction Foundation

    Mitsubishi Reconstruction Foundation

  • Medium and small mechanism

    Medium and small mechanism

  • Ishinomaki City

    Ishinomaki City

  • Dazaifutenmangu


  • Junior Chamber Internation Japan

    Junior Chamber Internation Japan

  • Nippon Saiko Project

    Nippon Saiko Project



  • Public Interest Capilism Council

    Public Interest Capilism Council

  • Nikkei Inc.

    Nikkei Inc.





  • AEON CO., LTD.

    AEON CO., LTD.

  • Reconstruction Agency

    Reconstruction Agency.

  • Management Pratice Research Group

    Management Pratice Research Group

  • Benesse Holdings, Inc.

    Benesse Holdings, Inc.

  • The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

    The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

  • Miyagi Prefectural Government

    Miyagi Prefectural Government



  • Sendai City

    Sendai City

Award / Media Information

Our Contribution in Vietnam

Local contribution of Rapprt Hair utilized the characteristic of the hair salon in Vietnam -

Rapoor Hair Group cooperates in human resource development and legislation in the Vietnamese beauty industry by utilizing the "Regional Contribution" business model and business strategy in Japan. On March 21, 2018, we conclude a memorandum of understanding (MOU) concerning cooperative relationship with Viet Nam Association for Vocational Education Training and Social Work, as a support company for the "Social Problem Solving Rule Formation Project" conducted by the Hanoi office of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).
In future, we plan to develop franchises in Vietnam with the aim of constructing know-how of beauty shop management, providing guidance on management and talent training. If you are interested in opening a franchise branch in Vietnam, please contact Rapoor Hair Group by all means.

SAIGON Beauty: In Vietnam we held an event related to "issues and developments in Vietnamese beauty industry based on Japanese experience".